Entry Guidelines



  • The Advertising Club Awards committee uses the services of highly experienced professionals from the industry, as Honorary Jury Members
  • Advertising Agencies / Media Agencies / Advertisers / Production Houses / Media Houses / Individuals and all other bodies who enter their work for judging are deemed to have agreed to abide by the Rules and Regulations of Big Bang Awards of The Advertising Club Bangalore.
  • The decision of the Jury is final and no correspondence will be entertained by The Advertising Club or its Office Bearers in this regard
  • Any or all disputes, if any, arising out of Big Bang Awards, will be Subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts in Bangalore only
  • The Advertising Club reserves the right to accept or reject an entry without assigning any reasons thereof. The entry fee will not be refundable in such cases


  • Each entry must be submitted with a duly filled-in submission form.
  • For categories requiring multiple creative entries for the same category, one entry form is sufficient for all the creatives.
  • Please check the Group and Category No. from the Category list on the website and select it correctly in the submission form with each submission together with the medium used
  • To cross check the eligibility of the submission, the platform auto sends an email to the client to endorse the submission. Make sure to enter the client information and email correctly. Entrants can always check the submission endorsement status in dashboard and can send reminders to client too for pending endorsements.
  • It is important to understand why we ask for a client endorsement. The Awards are for all creative / campaigns developed between 1st July 2018 to 30th June 2019. Therefore, we want to be sure that your entries were indeed developed during this period
  • Normally, your word would have been good enough. However, we have instances in the past, where, after an agency won the award, we have received written complaints that the campaign or creative was developed much earlier and the concerned agency has misrepresented the dates. To avoid such instances, we ask your client to corroborate that the creative was developed within the stipulated period
  • Please note that all creatives may not have been published. For example, in the case of Brand Identity, your client will need to endorse that the creative was developed by your agency and the month in which the Purchase Order for the same was given, is as given in the Campaign Period column.
  • For corporate audio-visuals where there is no media release date, please fill in the client information for endorsement and the month in which the Purchase Order for the same was given in the Campaign Period column.
  • For Unpublished Press ads, please enter the any date in the month of creation as the campaign date in the entry form.
  • Only ads released between 1st July 2018 and 30th June 2019 can be entered for the awards
  • Incomplete entries are liable to be disqualified


  • The entry fee is Rs. 2500 per submission plus GST as applicable
  • The no. of media files allowed in a submission is only one except for integrated campaigns. For instance, if you have more than one creative for the submission, a new submission has to be created.
  • If you enter the same submission/campaign in different categories you can duplicate the submission details and create a separate submission for each submission/campaign and also pay the fee for each category. It is also understood that you have to pay for each category.
  • The entry fee for Integrated Campaigns is Rs.10000/- each plus GST as applicable. This is for Categories 1.4, 2.3, 5.5 and 6.2.


  • The entry fee total is to be calculated according to the number of submissions entered and the corresponding entry fee for each category.
  • Once you have submitted your entries online, you will receive a system generated invoice on the registered e-mail with details of total amount to be paid to the Advertising Club. The invoice can be downloaded from the entrant dashboard. For all offline payments outside the system a proforma invoice will be generated. Once we confirm the payment the system will auto generate a tax invoice which will be available in entrant dashboard for accounting purposes and can be downloaded directly.
  • For online payments paid through Razorpay payment gateway, 2 percent convenience fee is applicable.
  • It is absolutely essential to fill in your GST Details and PAN number in the columns provided in the Billing information section. If you do not have a GST registration, you must email a letter from your Auditors stating the reasons thereof to support@bigbangawards.com
  • Consider your entries submitted only when you get a confirmation e-mail with invoice link. The tax invoice email link will be sent once we receive your Cheque/DD. You can also login to track the receipt status of submission from the entrant dashboard.
  • All cheques/DDs are to be drawn in favour of “The Advertising Club Bangalore” payable at Bangalore and sent to the address given below only:

The Advertising Club Bangalore, MAA House, No 6 Service Road, Domlur, Bangalore 560071 along with the copy of the invoice.

For any queries please contact, Joseph George: Mobile: +91 9538886563



  • JPEG format.
  • The supported file size is between 750KB to 2 MB
  • Image Size needs to be at least 1024×576 and the text has to be completely readable
  • For language entries, please submit the entries in the original language in which they were created, along with a translation in English in a Word Document
  • In the case of out of home, please send pictures of the actual installation, in addition to the creative in JPEG format
  • Brochures, Coffee Table Books, Yearbooks, Diaries, Calendars, Newsletters, Direct Mailers and Annual Reports have to be submitted in the finished form in JPEG format as 3D versions/ photographs along with a combined PDF of all individual pages, optimized for reading
  • If you are submitting the physical samples of Brochures, Coffee Table Books, Yearbooks, Diaries, Calendars, Newsletters, Direct Mailers and Annual Reports then mention the same clearly in the entry form and have the same delivered to the Advertising Club Address with a copy of the entry form showing all the details
  • A short animated video of the action/usage, if required, not exceeding 12 MB in MP4 format can also be submitted if required in case a physical copy is not being submitted


  • The supported file size is a maximum of 100 MB


  • Formats supported are MP4
  • The file size should not exceed 100 MB
  • For language submissions, all entries must be submitted in the original language in which they were created, sub-titled in English
  • If your entry is shortlisted, we would require 30 sec short clip. This is required for the showreel


  • One digital file for each entry in MP3 format only. No other formats will be accepted
  • Language entries are to be submitted in the original language in which they were created along with the script in English on a Word document


  • Submit logos and their applications in various material as JPEGs
  • Image Size needs to be at least 1024×576


  • Submit a case study with the objective, target audience, challenges overcome, creative solution and results as a video
  • Video Formats supported are MP4
  • The file should not exceed 3 minutes in duration and 100 MB in size
  • URL for any website/ social media handles/ UI and UX Design created to be included

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